Why The Mets Deserve A Parade

Why The Mets Deserve a Parade

After hearing how well attended the Royals parade was I asked my husband if the Mets would be getting a parade. He said no. I asked “why not?” and he replied that it didn’t work that way. Now let me begin by saying I have become a Mets fan over a long period of time, having  started out as a Yankees fan. My husband has been a Mets fan his entire life. I naturally assumed that after we married we would both continue to root for our own teams. However, I didn’t take into account our children.   When you enter into a mixed marriage, generally, but not always, any progeny resulting from said marriage tend to drift towards the team of the more passionate parent. In our case, the more passionate fan was my husband. For a while, I encouraged my sons to root for the Bronx Bombers and even bought them Yankees gear but at some point I threw in the towel and they became diehard Mets fans. Over time, I accepted my fate, even getting to know the names of the Mets players and a little bit about them. At this point, I will admit to having some fondness for them.

Getting back to the parade thing. We watched almost every game this season. When it wasn’t on our television it meant that my husband and at least some of my children and my children’s friends were at the game. We witnessed an incredible season, often with the Mets rallying from behind. We watched playoff game after playoff game, late night after late night. Bleary eyed the next day, my boys would go off to their respective schools, believing that the impossible might actually happen this season. And it did—the Mets won the National League pennant and made it to the World Series. But apparently New Yorkers have a short memory. When Murphy made an error in the fourth game of the World Series people vilified him, forgetting that he had hit at least one home run in EVERY playoff game, ensuring that the Mets would even be in the World Series. Even I know how amazing that is. On Halloween one comedian joked that the Mets were going trick or treating as last year’s Mets. SOOOOOOOO mean.

People—they came in second out of thirty teams. SECOND. That is phenomenal. They played their hearts out. They did New York proud. Their season deserves to be lauded and celebrated, not ridiculed. I am losing faith in humanity. My oldest son, who hates losing—no, he REALLY hates losing (that’s an entire blog post onto itself),  did not get mad at the Mets or upset by the loss for the first time in his life—he even defended them. If there had been a parade in New York I would have considered attending –that’s how incredible I think their season was. But it didn’t happen. If your child were the salutatorian of his class instead of the valedictorian would you be upset? (If you answered yes you shouldn’t be allowed to attend his/her graduation.) I think we need to be more supportive of our teams in general and acknowledge amazing when it happens, even if it falls a little bit short of our expectations. If they change their minds about the parade let me know.


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