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Mom Devastated By Kids Going To Sleep Away Camp Finds Consolation in European Vacation

Devastated by the thought of both of her daughters going to sleep away camp for the entire summer a local mom is finding consolation in a three-week trip she and her husband are planning to Europe. Her girls, ages four and six, will be attending Camp Winonatoga in Maine. Although it will be the second time her older daughter Jordyn will be attending the camp, it is going to be her younger daughter’s first time away from home.

When asked why she was sending both girls to camp she answered, “What could I do? Sydney really wanted to go and since her older sister is going I basically had no choice. After two years of day camp she seems pretty ready to me. In addition, all of their friends will be away so there would be no one left around here for them to play with.” Distressed by the thought of not being able to see her girls each morning before their babysitter puts them on the school bus, the mom came up with the idea of an extended vacation to help her deal with the separation. During this interview she commented, “Those moms who send their kids to town camp, or even no camp at all, are truly the lucky ones. They have no idea how difficult this entire sleep away camp scenario is. I hope they realize that”.

The thought of returning to an empty house was in fact so distressing to her that she plans on having her suitcases packed and waiting in the car so that immediately after the camp bus departs she and her husband can go directly to the airport. She pointed out that she has made arrangements for camp packages to be delivered during her time abroad and would be back in time to be first in line for visiting day. In addition, she mentioned that she has made sure that the hotels in which she’ll be staying in Europe have Wi-Fi so that she will be able to view pictures of her girls at camp as well as send them e-mail. She told this reporter, “Don’t be fooled by the smiling pictures of me you might see posted on Facebook during my trip. Inside, I’m crying”. She was not available for further comment—more developments will be reported as they occur.






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