Even More Breaking News

like-1174811_640Blogger Banned From Local Facebook Group

It is being reported that a blogger has been banned from her town’s Facebook group for insulting a few of the moms who are members of that group. A small but vocal group apparently took the posts in her satirical series, Breaking News, too seriously. The blogger, who is the mother of three sons, was surprised to be kicked out of the group saying she had hoped “people would understand that satire is deliberate exaggeration.”

When interviewed for this article, one of the disgruntled mothers from the Facebook group said, “Her piece about the lululemon clothes was ridiculous—I don’t even wear lululemon. And I don’t plan on having a summer home in the Hamptons—I prefer Connecticut because it’s much lower key. In any case, I don’t have time for this nonsense, I’m late to a meeting with a party planner.” Before getting into her Range Rover she added, “reducing people to cultural stereotypes is dangerous and that woman needs to be stopped.”

The blogger, who has lived in the town for 18 years, blamed menopause for her apparent lapse in judgment and said, “It wasn’t me talking, it was the hormones. I feel kind of hostile these days and some of that may be reflected in my writing. Although it’s true that there has been a seismic shift in values and attitudes since I moved here, perhaps I should not have written about it.” Noting that there is a movement underway to ban women in their early fifties from blogging, she commented, “That actually might be a good idea—the first amendment is pretty outdated anyway.”

Although hailed a revolutionary thinker by some and, despite the dozens of private messages and e-mails she has received from supporters encouraging her to continue her satirical series, the blogger has nonetheless decided to focus more on her serious writing and has accepted a position writing for a new college publication. She is also considering writing a book about living in a town which has more nail salons per capita than almost any other place on the planet, but decided she would wait until her youngest son graduated high school to publish it (and would probably use a pen name when she did.) By then, she hoped she would be able to write from a more Zen place. If that didn’t happen, she said perhaps she would consider trying yoga and buying some of those comfy looking lululemon pants herself. Further details will be reported as they occur.









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