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Woman Trapped In Wet Bathing Suit

While on vacation recently, a woman became trapped in her wet bathing suit after she got up from her lounge chair to go to the bathroom to pee. Her one-piece bathing suit became stuck somewhere around her mid-section after she attempted to pull it back up after using the restroom. As she struggled with the garment, she realized she had only herself to blame. When interviewed for this article after the incident had occurred, the woman admitted, “After several days of indulging in too much food and libations and getting very little exercise, I should’ve realized that my suit might be a little tighter than when I packed it. Also, drinking a lot of water and then going swimming was just a disaster waiting to happen.”

As she stood in the bathroom half-clothed, she considered her various options. Leaving the bathroom in her current state did not seem like a good idea nor did yelling for help from her husband or other patrons sitting by the pool. Additionally, she did not think the local police department nor the concierge at the hotel at which she was staying handled such matters. She concluded that one option would be to wait until her bathing suit dried, which would enable her to pull it back up.

During what seemed like an eternity in the restroom, the woman contemplated how she could avoid a similar situation in the future. She told herself, “I could buy a suit in a larger size, purchase a two piece bathing suit (although she realized she probably did not have the self-confidence to pull that off), just wear shorts and a top and not go swimming, or design a new line of bathing suits with zippers.” She remembered that she knew people in the apparel industry who could perhaps help her with her new bathing suit line, which she planned on calling “Trapped No More” and according to her, would be even more “revolutionary than the Miracle Suit.”

As her initial panic subsided, she realized she was able to slowly and carefully inch her bathing suit back over her body, although the effort completely exhausted her. Upon emerging from the bathroom, she apologized to the other hotel guests who had been waiting to use the bathroom and resumed her position on a lounge chair next to her husband, who had not noticed her absence. She decided to skip lunch and cut back on drinking water so she would not need to use the bathroom again. Before she drifted off to sleep for a restorative nap, she realized how lucky she was that the jaws of life had not been needed to extricate her from the wet suit and vowed she would caution other women about the potential dangers involved in wearing a one-piece suit,

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