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Woman Leaves Dog In Car on Cool Day—Angry Mob Seeks Justicedog-981256_640

A local woman was detained after leaving her dog in her car while she ran into the grocery store to purchase a few items. Even though it was only 59 degrees at the time of the incident and the windows had been left partially open, an angry crowd gathered by the car to take pictures of the dog, along with the car’s license plate. One woman in the crowd called local police who handcuffed the dog owner when she returned to her car and took her to the holding cell in Town Hall.

Completely dumbfounded and confused by the outrage, the dog owner, who is a long time town resident and mother of four, said she had left a bowl of cool water for the dog, as well as an iPad showing the dog’s favorite Pet Therapy videos on YouTube when she ran into the store for milk, eggs and gourmet organic doggie treats. The dog, who seemed nonplussed by the attention he was garnering, started barking excitedly when his “mom” returned to find the angry crowd at the car and then curled up and started whimpering when the police escorted her away. The petrified dog, named “Muffin,” was removed from the car, taken into protective custody and later placed with a foster family.

One onlooker, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was terrified by the social shaming she had seen on her town’s Facebook page and would not even stop to use a restroom while her dog was in the car for fear of reprisal. The woman said, “I am not willing to risk being publicly exposed and embarrassed by my neighbors; I’ve seen lives ruined by it.” One of the members of the mob said that she felt completely justified in calling authorities, even though the woman had only been gone for six or seven minutes. She stated, “Who knows what could have happened to that poor animal if he had been left in the car any longer? We were about to break the window to get him out when that negligent woman returned. I feel it’s my civic duty to get involved in other peoples’ business as much as possible. In fact, I have to now go report a neighbor who didn’t separate a plastic bottle from his trash. I also heard a teenager using some bad words and might publish his name as well.”

As the woman was taken away in handcuffs, she tried to explain how much she loved animals and would never harm her dog, but her entreaties fell on deaf ears, as the crowd had already dispersed to post their pictures and videos to social media. At press time, the woman had been released on her own recognizance and refused to comment on the incident, citing her pending court appearance.

Further developments will be reported as they occur.



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