This Mother’s Day Trend Surprised Me


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and although I’ve been a mom for more than two and a half decades I noticed something which I hadn’t observed on prior Mother’s Days. Perhaps it had been there to some degree all along, but I honestly think this is a newer trend, one which is incredibly positive. This thing I am talking about is women recognizing other women, supporting, encouraging and acknowledging each other in a show of unity and love.

On Mother’s Day I not only woke up to cards, presents and breakfast from my husband and sons, I also woke up to texts and messages from girlfriends. Each string of texts from various friend groups contained beautiful messages recognizing each other, inquiring as to the day’s activities, and sending lovely and affirmative thoughts. There were flowers, hearts and bitmojis; it all felt like a giant celebration. I think that as women, we understand the sacrifices we make, both small and great, on a daily basis. I actually love this concept and hope it continues to grow in popularity. Perhaps it can help lead us out of the negativity which has been dogging our society recently.

I think that the women’s marches earlier this year also exemplify the trend of women standing together, arm and arm, shoulder to shoulder to try and affect change. Those gatherings, both in our country and worldwide, showed how strong and powerful we are when we band together. It’s not just about politics; it’s about solidarity and love.

I experienced two brutal Mother’s Days decades ago, after my first son died and before my second son was born when I felt like I was in some sort of mommy limbo. I wasn’t sure what to call myself and felt Mother’s Day wasn’t really my holiday to celebrate. Now, it seems that women are being recognized more for the nurturing they do than the title they hold. Whether you’re a mom, stepmom, aunt, grandmother, friend, etc. Mother’s Day is about you too.

So next year, when Mother’s Day rolls around again, I will be the first to initiate good wishes to all the women I know. In fact, I am going to work on keeping the positivity going all year round. Whether you are back at work today, driving carpool, taking your baby to the park, caring for someone who is ill or lending support to a friend, happy post-Mother’s Day — I hope you have a beautiful day.


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