Breaking News: Local Woman Targeted for Refusing to Bare Shoulders, Shunning Fashion Trend


FullSizeRender-2A local woman is being targeted for refusing to wear tops which expose her shoulders. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous to keep her family safe, said she had been besieged by people who could not understand why she resisted giving in to the fashion craze which has swept the nation.

While out to dinner at a local Italian eatery, the 53-year-old woman said she noticed that she was the only female diner who was not sporting the “cold shoulder” look. Unbothered by stares and whispers from other patrons, she said that she felt completely comfortable with her decision to buck the current trend saying, “I tend to feel chilled and prefer wearing sweaters and blouses which do not have cut-outs.” She also stated that she didn’t realize she would become such a social pariah and outcast within her own community. The mother of three said she had a few close friends who were willing to be seen in public with her and felt grateful to them for their loyalty, although a few had offered to use scissors on her wardrobe and modify her clothes so that she might fit in better.

While shopping at Beginnings Bleus, a local boutique, the confused salespeople asked whether her wardrobe choices were mandated by religious observance, however the woman asserted they were not. She explained that she had her own style, which did not include garments missing material. In addition to giving the cold shoulder to the cold shoulder trend, she refused to purchase jeans with holes in them, stating that when she had tried them on her foot had “gone through the hole in the knee which was incredibly annoying.” The woman noted that she was also perplexed by jeans which were made to appear as if there was mud splattered on them, saying that she had spent decades doing her sons’ laundry to prevent that look.

The salespeople told her that they had a limited selection of items that were not cut-out, ripped or dirty and suggested she try their outlet store, which had older styles or  just wait until next season when shoulder pads were set to make a come-back.

Further details will be reported as they occur.









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