Parents Forced to Spend 24 Hours with Children Before Start of Camp

class-1986501_1920Several local families are outraged by the fact that they will be forced to spend almost a full 24 hours with their children after the school year ends at noon on Friday. With sleep away camp buses departing midday Saturday the parents will have to fill that gap without any organized activities.

One mother, whose two daughters will be finishing first and third grade, said she was unsure what she was going to do with them during that time period but was considering various options. She stated that she also didn’t understand why there were half days the last week of school and felt that “there needs to be a better system in place to cover the transition; after all we pay enough money in school taxes and to the camp. It’s a little outrageous in my opinion.” She added that, “I need time to get ready for visiting day, which is only a month away.”

Another mother was more sanguine about the situation, and said that she planned on taking her three children to a movie, shopping, and then to a sushi restaurant, since they would not be able to get their favorite food for seven weeks. She philosophically stated that, “although it will certainly be a long 24 hours, with the right mind-set I know we can get through it.”

When asked about the gap between the end of camp in August and the start of the next school year, several of the parents stated that they had a family trip planned followed by a few local sports and specialty camps, which would keep their children occupied right up to Labor Day. One father explained that “in this day and age there is absolutely no reason why we should be responsible for entertaining our children.”

Further details will be reported as they occur.




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