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bikini-377488_1920Local Woman Arrested In Fitting Room Brawl

A local woman was arrested earlier today after she attacked another shopper in a fitting room at a department store. The two women were apparently trying on bathing suits during a summer sales event in adjacent fitting rooms when the altercation occurred. According to a witness, the women had each tried on several suits before the fight ensued.

The woman who initiated the fight later explained that while she was struggling to pull up a Miracle Suit with extra tummy control panels, she “overheard the woman in the dressing room next to her request a smaller size yet again.” She said that the woman allegedly asked a sales associate to remove the size four bikini from her dressing room and bring her a size two. After trying on the size two and modeling it in front of the full length mirror and other shoppers, the woman asked the sales associate if the store carried “anything smaller.” An eye witness said it was at this point the larger size woman seemed to snap and attempted to strangle the other woman with the bathing suit. Fortunately, the string bikini top was so small it did very little harm. Another women who had been in the fitting rooms said that, prior to the incident, she had overheard the sales associate tell the thinner woman that she had “a darling figure” after she had told the other woman “she was a pleasure to work with”.

Store security was called in to restrain the attacker until police could arrive. As the woman who had gone crazy was dragged away in handcuffs she was heard muttering that no jury of average size women would convict her. She was later released on bail and forced to sign a statement saying that she would only shop online in the future.

After giving the police her statement, the woman who had been attacked said she could not answer any further questions because she had to get back to the gym.

Further details will be reported as they occur.




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