Breaking News: Concerned Citizens Start GoFundMe Campaign to Purchase Rain Boots for Melania

image via Getty

Images of First Lady Melania Trump departing for Hurricane devastated Texas wearing stiletto heels has prompted concerned citizens to start a GoFundMe page to buy her rain boots. Melania explained her choice of footwear saying; “The trip was very last minute and I thought I’d be able to purchase a pair of boots in Houston. However, I discovered that for some reason all the stores in the city are closed.” After noting the outrage over her high heels she changed into sneakers on Air Force One en route to Texas. She said she didn’t understand why her shoes were causing such an uproar, stating that she had opted for “the more sensible six-inch stiletto heels rather than the eight-inch ones I generally wear.” She added that she initially felt that if her feet got wet it would help her “better understand what the people of Texas were going through.” She conceded that, “Perhaps it was thoughtless of me to look so good when people are suffering through one of the worst disasters in this country’s history.”

One of the people who started the GoFundMe page said she did it out of deep concern for the first lady. She felt that Melania desperately needed a pair of waterproof boots in her wardrobe so that she could be more comfortable in situations such as natural disasters as well as appear to be more relatable to the victims of tragedies. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, explained, “Look, we all know the Trumps are having a bit of a struggle with their image and I don’t want to give additional fodder to the fake media. Who knows if those images of her in heels are even real?”

In additional to the waterproof boots, organizers of the GoFundMe page said they were hoping to raise enough money to get Melania a yellow rain slicker as well as woolen socks.

Further details will be reported as they occur.









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