Eric Trump Birthday Party Includes Clown, Balloon Animals

Eric Trump celebrated his birthday this past Saturday with a partyIMG_6108 at a local restaurant. The President’s son, who turned 34 on January 6, chose to have birthday bash at Guadalajara, a popular Mexican eatery located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. The restaurant has been a long-time favorite of Trump’s, who said he would “hold his breath until he turned blue” if he could not have his party there.

Trump hand wrote the invitations to his friends and family and personally gave them out. He told a friend he would not be inviting “any of the people who had been mean” to him or his older brother, Donald Jr. In fact, during dinner Trump allowed his favorite friends to to sit near him at the long table, knowing how coveted an honor it is to be seated near the birthday boy.

The evening festivities included a piñata, which Trump himself split open. One guest told a reporter that “no one else dared to break it open” and that they had to wait for Trump to swing “at least two dozen times to break the darn thing.” Inside the piñata were Trump’s favorite candy, the 100 Grand Bar, as well as chocolate gold coins, which the guests scooped off the floor after the piñata was broken.

The evening’s entertainment also included a clown who made balloon animals in the shape of elephants, Trump’s favorite animal to shoot while on safari. A mariachi band serenaded the party-goers with popular Mexican tunes such as, “No Construiremos el Muro” and “Tu Padre es un Idiota.”

Trump, who wore a sombrero during the party, blew out the candles on his Carvel Fudgie the Whale cake at the end of the evening. He was heard declaring that it had been, “The best birthday ever.” before departing with an armful of presents, which he hoped included a new hunting rifle, as well as Legos, so that he could practice building walls.


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