Breaking News: Fraternity Caught Forcing Pledges to Read Mommy Blog

IMG_6188As part of a bizarre initiation ritual, a fraternity at a University near Boston, Massachusetts has been caught forcing its pledges to read a mom blog. The blog, which is written by a mother of one of the fraternity brothers, focuses on parenting and middle-age issues.

The alleged hazing came to light when one of the pledges cracked under the stress of being made to read the blogs. He reported the fraternity to the school’s administration for “cruel and unusual practices.” The student, who wished to remain anonymous to avoid retribution, said that, “at first, it wasn’t so bad and I even chuckled when I read some of the pieces. But then it got to be too much. The last straw was having to read a piece about menopause. I was like WTF. After that I was out of there. I honestly would have preferred to swallow a goldfish.”

The University Administration said it was going to look into the matter. One of the administrators in charge of Greek Life said that, “If the allegations are true, there could be serious consequences and we may have to punish the fraternity. No student should be subjected to this kind of treatment. However, on a personal note we are all really enjoying the blogs and can’t wait to read more of this woman’s stuff. She’s really funny. We can’t wait for her next piece.”

The son of the blogger, who is a senior at the University, stated that he was “only trying to help” his mother. He said that the student who reported the fraternity probably wasn’t “brother material anyway” and next time they would be more careful with their initiation practices.

Further details will be reported as they occur.

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