An Important Message From Your Child’s Camp Regarding the Weather

winter-3063933_1920Despite the two recent nice days, the return of the cold weather has caused us to rethink this summer’s camp program. We want your child to have the best possible experience during their seven weeks with us, so we are sending this message to inform you of a few changes we will make in the event that summer weather never arrives. We will let you know by our luggage pick-up days, June 14-15 (reminder to sign up with Camp Baggage by May 18 or you will incur a late fee), if this contingency plan will be necessary.

Packing List:

We recommend you be prepared to include the following in your children’s trunks:

Space heaters (instead of portable fans)

Snow pants and boots (instead of bathing suits and flip flops)

Hats and gloves (instead of swim goggles)

Down comforters or additional extra blankets

We will update the online packing list to reflect these items.


We will be providing additional training for our fantastic staff and hiring different specialists to address a few exciting adjustments to our usual activities. The potential changes include:

Cross-country and downhill skiing instead of water skiing

Ice skating and ice fishing in lieu of swimming, boating and fishing at the waterfront

Aspiring Elsas get ready:  our play will be Frozen instead of Aladdin (this change will be made regardless, as our Fine Arts Director must reserve costumes and begin learning the music now)

The roller skate park will be used for slopestyle snowboarding

Our petting zoo animals will be replaced with penguins and a clawless, toothless baby polar bear

Snowman-making will be added to the arts and crafts curriculum (however, at this time our insurer will not let us add snowball fighting to the sports program)

Sleigh rides will replace horseback riding

Visiting Day:

In addition to the usual cookie cakes and candy, we recommend parents bring hot chocolate and cases of Cup of Noodles. For the comfort of our visitors warming stations will be set up around camp.

Color War:

The color war kits we offer will include team-colored scarves, woolen socks and hats with pompoms.

Other Changes:

Canada Goose jackets will replace the seven-year fleece

We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility and, despite the weather, look forward to helping your child have the best summer ever!





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