Local Mother Fears She Won’t Make it to Summer

cry-2864739_1280A local woman named Melissa has gone into full-blown panic mode upon realizing that there is just too much to do before the end of school. With seven weeks left until school lets out, the mother of three expressed doubts she would make it to summer.

Melissa, whose children range in age from 10 to 16, said the list of things they all needed to do would require “superhuman abilities,” abilities she felt she did not possess. She stated that her son, who is in eleventh grade, still had his band concert, soccer practices, games and a Memorial Day Weekend tournament, two SAT 2s, an ACT, drivers ed classes and supervised driving, three AP exams, finals, and NYS Regent exams. She also said that he had to line up teachers for his college recommendations, as well as numerous other tasks associated with the application process, which they planned to begin over the summer. Melissa acknowledged that, “Although a lot of this is stuff he needs to do, he’s not all that organized, so I have to make sure he’s on top of everything.”

Melissa said her middle child still had rehearsals for the school play, in which she had the lead, two class parties, her band concert, the eighth grade moving-up ceremony, a major math project for which they needed to make another trip to a crafts store, and a journal for English that counted for half her grade, as well as final exams in all her other classes.

Melissa’s youngest child, who was about to move-up to middle school, had her class picnic, a trip to the zoo (for which Melissa had agreed to chaperone months earlier when she was still sane), the fifth grade songfest, her eleventh birthday party (which she had invited ten girls for a sleep over at their house), and her Star of the Day project, which both Melissa and her husband needed to take off work to attend. She added that she also had to pack camp trunks for her two younger children and hadn’t even begun buying them summer clothes.

With tears in her eyes, Melissa said, “I just can’t do it. Why does it all have to happen in the last seven weeks of school? Couldn’t they have had the moving up ceremonies a few months ago when we weren’t so busy? And why do the concerts have to all be now? So what if they had only learned part of each song? NO ONE cares!!” She also questioned why any child needed to be the “Star of the Day,” adding “Can’t they all just be ordinary?”

Melissa’s husband recognized that his wife seemed a little distraught but said that they would get through it all, just as they had every other year. He seemed to relish the challenge and asserted that, “They can’t break us. We are stronger than this end of the year crap. We will band together and survive.”

Will they make it to summer? Further details will be reported as they occur.





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