Breaking News: Family of Five Agrees to Watch Same Movie

popcorn-3912111_1920It took a local family of five less than ten minutes to agree on a movie last Saturday night, setting a record for being the first unanimous movie choice. The parents and their three sons had decided to go home after dinner out so that they could light a fire, make popcorn and watch something on television together.

The dad, who did not want his family to be identified because of their dysfunction, said that generally his brood started off on movie night with good intentions but that things generally devolved as they all started to fight. He explained that his oldest son, who had an eclectic sense of humor, usually picked something no one else understood or thought was funny while their middle son preferred documentaries. And although their youngest son was almost college age, he still lobbied for them to watch animated films. He said that his wife (predictably) liked romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts or Drew Barrymore with male leads such as Tom Hanks, the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds) and George Clooney. She absolutely refused to watch any horror films or anything with too much violence. Stating that he was “willing to watch anything to get my family to shut up,” the father said he had no idea “whether other families are like ours but I tend to doubt it.”

The family members agreed that it usually took them about an hour of scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, etc. before giving up and at least one of them retreating to their bedroom to read, watch another movie or play video games. Prior to the recent near miracle of agreeing on a movie so quickly they said that the last time they had all watched a movie together was in 2009 when they saw “The Blind Side.” The mother said that although there had initially been some dissension, “The Blind Side” worked for all of them because it starred Sandra Bullock, had a heart-warming theme, was about sports, was based on a true story and even had some humor. She mused that “That combination doesn’t come along too often” and optimistically added that, “At least we keep trying.”

The children said they did not wish to disclose the title of the movie they agreed to watch recently because they wanted other families to “have the fun we have wasting hours and hours arguing.”

Further details will be reported as they occur.






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