Breaking News: Local Woman Shocked to Discover Book Group She Joined Requires Reading Books

reading-3088491_1920A local woman was shocked when she showed up at a book group she had recently joined to discover the other women had actually read and planned to discuss the book she had seen listed in the email. The woman, who wished to only be identified as “Alyssa”, said that she thought “the whole book thing was a joke. I assumed that we were going to hang out, eat junk food and drink wine. I even brought a bottle of sauvignon blanc.”

The other women in the group, who had read Becoming by Michelle Obama, were appalled that their newest member had not even started the book. One woman said that Alyssa had been recommended by a mutual friend and that in the future, participants would be “more thoroughly vetted.” They decided they would give Alyssa one more chance and that if she didn’t show up prepared at the next meeting she would be out.

Alyssa said that she really had no idea that book groups were about reading and admitted that the only thing she had had time to peruse in the past month was her People magazine. She confessed that she hadn’t even finished the publication and was still in the middle of an article about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and their performance at the Oscars. She wondered if she could start a magazine group for women who needed to get out of the house and yet didn’t want the pressure of reading actual literature. Alyssa mused, “Surely there must be more women out there who want to get away from their children’s homework without the pressure of having to do their own. Magazines groups could really take off. You wouldn’t even have to read an entire article—just the headline.”

Women interviewed for this article seemed to like Alyssa’s magazine group idea. One woman summed up her feelings saying “If gives me a reason to get out I’m in. In fact, I would join a group which reads Facebook posts, toothpaste tubes, whatever. I really need to get away from my family.”

Further details will be reported as they occur.



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